SAT 600PM / SUN 930A / SUN 1130A


Our hope is that you feel like you belong here. Our worship is loud because God's grace is beyond anything we could imagine. Our pulse is gathering together to worship and spreading out to serve in our city and around the world.


In a world where things are often dark and heavy, we want to help shine God's light to help lift people, speak life, do life together, stand for justice, serve the less fortunate, and to simply celebrate the goodness of God.


All are welcome. We don't judge. We aren't perfect. But Jesus is.


Come as you are.


When you step onto our campus, you’ll enter into a casual, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Hang out and have a cup of coffee at our COF Cafe.


All proceeds from our COF Cafe go to missions.

CHURCH HERE IS ABOUT DOING LIFE TOGETHER. The messages are always relevant to every day life and you’ll leave with practical truths to apply to your week, your relationships, and your world.


Our nursery is filled with devoted and smiling caretakers. Your kids will have a blast in our high-energy preschool and elementary worlds. Please arrive at least 15 muntes before service to check your kids in.


We also have an incredible service planned each week for your middle school and high school students to connect with each other and to God.


We can't wait to meet you!






Our incredible parking team is here to provide the best experience for you before you enter the building! They will guide you to the best available parking spot and ensure that you're safe walking in.


Handicap Parking is available.


Complimentary golfcart transportation from your car to our building is available too!



We provide Assistive Listening Devices for all services. Stop by our Information Booth to pick up a transmitter.



We provide live Spanish interpretation of both Sunday morning services. 

Stop by our Information Booth to pick up a transmitter.



Our mission is to reach the unchurched so they can come to know God and become devoted followers of Jesus.


Our mission is to be a place full of acceptance, belonging and support.

Our mission is to add value to your life spiritually, emotionally and relationally.


We believe that there are essential beliefs and non-essential beliefs. Most of the time people get caught up in the non-essentials and miss the point of why Jesus came and what He did for us. In the non-essentials, we have liberty. We don’t expect or want everyone to think exactly the same about every issue. There are, however, several essentials that we believe, as a church, we must be unified around and support wholeheartedly. These are the essentials.


We believe that God exists eternally in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These three are one God. We believe God created the universe by His power and Word. We believe that God is all knowing, all-powerful and ever present.


We believe that the Bible is the Word of God. In it God communicates to us how to walk in relationship with Him, and his principles for daily living.


We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is co-equal with God the Father. Jesus lived a sinless human life and offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all people by dying on a cross. He rose from the dead after three days to demonstrate His power over sin and death.


We believe the Holy Spirit is God and has all the divine characteristics. He indwells all believers from the moment of salvation. He fills them in response to confession of sin and surrender to Him. He teaches and counsels us and gives us the power to live out God’s principles.



We believe that Jesus, through His death on the cross, provided salvation for all. However, to receive salvation one must repent of sin and trust Jesus Christ alone.



We believe a New Testament church is a local body of believers who have agreed together to love God, love each other, and serve the world.



After serving on the mission field for nearly 10 years, Pastor Mark
Shook, his wife, Laura, and their 3 children moved back to the
Cypress area to start Community of Faith in the Spring of 2003. 


Through their mission initiatives and relationships around the
world, their love for people has shaped the DNA of Community of



With degrees in psychology, religion, and Christian counseling, his love for people is what shapes every aspect of how he leads Community of Faith.


Mark has a big heart for healthy marriages and family dynamics.


He believes in imperfect people journeying together to discover God’s perfect plan for their lives.

Mark sees the church as a family and a place to call home.


Through stories and real life application, Mark’s messages bring biblical truth to life.


Laura is a tireless advocate for the broken and forgotten, setting the tone for the local and global ministries of Community of Faith.


Her years of cross-cultural ministry in Mexico City, and her experience as a cancer survivor and a registered nurse have given her a deep compassion for people and cultures around the

Whether building a hospital in Burundi, an orphanage in Costa Rica, or encouraging homeless women and children in Houston, Laura’s goal is to find where God is at work and join him there.